Case Studies

This page is here to provide examples through news articles where features on our bins such a fire retardancy, silent closing and hands free opening have come into great effect in hospitals.

An article which describes how EHPL, after consultation with Dame Tanni Grey Thomson, created a disabled adaption of their hands free bin. Featured in Hospital Bulletin. - Dame Tanni Grey Thomson

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Here is an example of fire crews tackling a fire at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro due to a non-fire retardant bin being unable to contain a fire. Flames started in rubbish bins in one of the hospital's wings but luckily it was contained by fire doors and the building was not evacuated. Aside from corridors being heavily smoke-logged and a member of staff suffering an asthma attack, things could have been much worse.

In this article, hospital bosses in Nottingham have brought in quieter bins on wards because patients say closing the lids keeps them awake at night. This is why the silent closing feature is essential to hospital bins.

A consultant microbiologist at University College Hospital has said that members of staff are spreading MRSA by using bins, phones or computers after having contact with patients. This can be prevented with silent closing as when the lid closes it goes down slowly which stops any bacteria being blown into the air.


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