Safety Information

Fire poses a great threat to a healthcare environment and its consequences can be severe. So considering this, EHPL has designed a product that provides the specifics expected from a waste management solution while embracing the Health Technical Memorandum legislation on fire prevention in hospitals.

Hospital waste also poses a danger to the public and the environment if not disposed of in the correct way, which is why colour coded bins are now essential. We provide all the official Healthcare Standard Colours.



Fire Safety
Our fire retardant bins have undergone extensive fire safety tests at the leading test house, Warrington Fire, to the standards required by the UK Government’s Health Technical Memorandum 05-03 Part A. (2008) Fire Safety in the NHS - Section 3.12. Therefore, offering healthcare facilities the opportunity to safeguard against fire and its devastating effects.

National Colour-Coding System
Healthcare waste must now be disposed of according to the national colour-coded system. This means different kinds of waste now fall into particular categories and must be identified and segregated on the basis of its classification. The colours are as follows:

Descriptions of the type of waste that belongs to each colour can be found in the General Information section on the website.


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